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That’s two incidents of outright rape in one book.


Pardon my earlier dialogue post it was made before I read…

Right, so I’m gonna butt in here despite not being a part of the conversation previously,  I just can’t really help myself when it comes to this.

Crazyintheeast, whether or not this was meant as a humorous plot line is irrelevant when it comes to discussing whether Mat was raped or not. Even if Mat did not act the way YOU think a survivor should act, he was raped, and saying he wasn’t is NOT factual, it is NOT canon. Rape is sex without consent, or with forced consent. End of story. Mat was forced to sleep with Tylin. That’s it. That’s rape. It’s not about what I or anyone else FEELS, it is what rape actually is. No one is forcing their feelings onto Mat, we are recognizing what actually happened.

"But it’s a humorous plot line!" Yes, it is supposed to be. Whether or not it succeeds in being humorous, how appropriate and well executed it is, is another discussion, and an important one. But Mat was still raped. Even if you think it’s a funny story line, even if it was meant that way, even if RJ himself did not see this as rape (idk know if he did, I’m just saying it’s irrelevant), it doesn’t matter, it is still rape. Rape is rape is rape is rape. Srsly.

Also I would love to have a discussion about whether or not the author really has any control over something like this.
I ascribe to the “author is dead” theory. The reader is what matters.




also a relationship where one participant is literally being forced to stay is abusive. Tylin had the whole palace helping her to abuse and rape Mat. How anyone reads that as a healthy relationship is beyond me.

Yeah, and like, didn’t she force him to come and eat with her,…

RJ said they were making light of a serious thing. And Harriet said the point was to flip the usual narrative on its head.

I totally agree. It’s my most hated part of the books. It’s the one thing that makes me lose a little love for the series.




Robert Jordan was not a forward thinker.


Ok, so there’s a contingent of angry ex wot fans who complain about the sexism, racism, transmysoginism (pretty sure I butchered that) and many other isms prevalent in Wheel of Time

While I think it’s good to look…

Uhm, no? People pointing out racism/sexism/transmisogyny etc in literature/movies/what have you, are not being “spoiled entitles kids”, wtf. Like, marginalised people should be able to open up a fucking fantasy book without seeing themselves completely erased, stereotyped, turned into a joke, etc, and if it DOES happen they should definitely be able to have conversations about it, and criticise it witout being called spoiled, entitled kids. Like. Is that so much to ask?

And fucking hell yeah, writers and creators of any media owe it to us not to produce shit that actively reinforces oppression of a marginalised group. I know that no one is perfect and all that, and fuck, I love The Wheel of Time, despite its flaws. And aside from the fact that, y’know, people should be able to vent about how they are represented in media without being completely dismissed, if we aren’t allowed to criticise stuff and call out problematic elements of the media we consume, there is less chance of it improving.

I think calling it out and being actively angry at a dead guy are two different things. I think it’s good to call out the problematic parts, but I don’t see the point in pretending that the 1980s and 2014 are anywhere close on the acceptance spectrum.

If that makes sense…it’s been a long day.

fallacyfinale asked: I've gotta ask if this bothered you too; during A Memory of Light Mat asks Hawkwing whether or not he's a reincarnated hero and is told he isn't. I always felt like that was a cop out. There's a ton of stuff even in the earlier books that implies there's something else with Mat. Mainly since he several times speaks more Old Tongue than just a few phrases and during the first visit through the door he didn't need a translator. I feel like it was a missed chance for him to have been a HoH.


For some reason that never bothered me too much — or wait, no, I suppose I do know the reason, actually. Mat has never been among my favourite characters; he has his moments of badass here and there but overall I find him tolerable at best, so I don’t really have particularly strong feelings over his possible past lives.

However, I don’t think it’s quite such a cop-out if you think about it. In The Eye of the World, when Mat starts spouting Manetherenean war cries, Egwene says she could almost understand it as well, so he’s not the only one with the “old blood” strong in him. And by the time he goes through the doorway, he has already been affected by the dagger (which is the reason he went in in the first place). The Old Tongue was there; the other men’s memories just gave him a better conscious grasp of the language (along with the other stuff obviously).

Also, just because he isn’t one reborn doesn’t mean he isn’t one now ;)




I don’t understand why when an actor/actress plays a gay character they are constantly asked if they are actually gay. I don’t see anyone playing a seriel killer being asked if they are really a killer.

While I understand your point, you are accidentally…

No I totally agree and understand! I just have been teaching figurative language and specifically analogy lately. I have to caution my students about the use of negative analogies just in case.

I was just busting your balls or ovaries or other parts. ;)


just want everyone to know i’ve finished the line art for all the wheel of time fashion pieces. now to color!


I don’t understand why when an actor/actress plays a gay character they are constantly asked if they are actually gay. I don’t see anyone playing a seriel killer being asked if they are really a killer.

While I understand your point, you are accidentally making an analogy between being gay and being a serial killer….? 

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