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Have we discussed that I am a Time Lord because I have two hearts in my body right now!?



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I didn’t read Wheel of Time until I was in my 20s. I read all of these books before I turned 15 (except for American Gods… that is the exception, I admit, but I’m also currently re-reading…

That makes a lot of sense. I started them at 12 so I forget that others DIDNT WAIT FOR YEARS….I mean didn’t come to them until adulthood

I've made up some Wheel of Time asks

  • Rand: How do you see yourself?
  • Mat: What's the greatest gamble you've ever made?
  • Perrin: When have you felt the greatest sense of loss?
  • Nynaeve: What's the maddest you've ever been?
  • Egwene: Have you ever had to stand up to a friend?
  • Moiraine: If you knew the exact time and cause of your death, what would you do?
  • Lan: Who would you give anything to protect?
  • Thom: What's your favorite story?
  • Elayne: What was your first love like?
  • Siuan: What's your best friend like?
  • Aviendha: What's something you want desperately but can't have?
  • Faile: What name would you choose for yourself?
  • Tam: Have you ever told a lie to protect someone?
  • Galad: Do you do what's right or what's easy?
  • Gawyn: Are you a leader or a follower?
  • Morgase: When have you felt manipulated?
  • Leane: When did you feel the prettiest/most handsome?
  • Min: What's something you've learned that you wish you could forget?
  • Elaida: What's your greatest ambition?
  • Rhavin: Have you ever tried to manipulate others?
  • Graendal: What's your greatest guilty pleasure?
  • Lews Therin: When has pride gotten you in trouble?
  • Moghedien: What was your most recent nightmare?
  • Lanfear: Are you a jealous person?
  • Asmodean: What's your favorite sad song?
  • Sammael: What's the longest time you've held a grudge?

Have we discussed that I am a Time Lord because I have two hearts in my body right now!?

He came close to gaping. She often changed the subject on him, but usually when she was losing an argument. “Faile, please. I need you to carry this message to Caemlyn.”
Her hand tightened in his beard, and her head swung as if she were arguing with herself inside her head. “I will go,” she said at last, “but I want a price. You always make me do things the hard way. In Saldaea, I would not have to be the one who asked. My price is … a wedding. I want to marry you,” she finished up in a rush.
“And I you.” He smiled. “We can say the betrothal vows in front of the Women’s Circle tonight, but I’m afraid the wedding has to wait a year. When you come back from Caemlyn—” She very nearly yanked a handful of beard out of his chin.
“I will have you for husband tonight,” she said in fierce, low tones, “or I will not go until I do!”
“If there was any way, I would,” he protested. “Daise Congar would crack my head if I wanted to go against custom. For the love of the Light, Faile, just carry the message, and I’ll wed you the very first day I can.” He would. If that day ever came.
Suddenly she was very intent on his beard, smoothing it and not meeting his eyes. She started speaking slowly but picked up speed like a runaway horse. “I … just happened to mention … in passing … I just mentioned to Mistress al’Vere how we had been traveling together— I don’t know how it came up— and she said— and Mistress Congar agreed with her— not that I talked to everybody!— she said that we probably— certainly— could be considered betrothed already under your customs, and the year is just to make sure you really do get on well together— which we do , as anyone can see— and here I am being as forward as some Domani hussy or one of those Tairen galls— if you ever even think of Berelain— oh, Light, I’m babbling, and you won’t even—”
He cut her off by kissing her as thoroughly as he knew how.
“Will you marry me?” he said breathlessly when he was done. “Tonight?” He must have done ever better with the kiss than he thought; he had to repeat himself six times, with her giggling against his throat and demanding he say it again, before she seemed to understand.
Which was how he found himself not half an hour later kneeling opposite her in the common room, in front of Daise Congar and Marin al’Vere, Alsbet Luhhan and Neysa Ayellin and all the Women’s Circle. Loial had been roused to stand for him with Aram, and Bain and Chiad stood for Faile. There were no flowers to put in her hair or his, but Bain, guided by Marin, tucked a long red wedding ribbon around his neck, and Loial threaded another through Faile’s dark hair, his thick fingers surprisingly deft and gentle. Perrin’s hands trembled as he cupped hers.
“I, Perrin Aybara, do pledge you my love, Faile Bashere, for as long as I live.” For as long as I live and after. “What I possess in this world I give to you.” A horse, an axe, a bow. A hammer. Not much to gift a bride. I give you life, my love. It’s all I have. “I will keep and hold you, succor and tend you, protect and shelter you, for all the days of my life.” I can’t keep you; the only way I can protect you is to send you away. “I am yours , always and forever.” By the time he finished, his hands were shaking visibly.
Faile moved her hands to hold his. “I, Zarine Bashere …” That was a surprise; she hated that name. “ … do pledge you my love, Perrin Aybara … .” Her hands never trembled at all.

Robert Jordan-The Shadow Rising

ahhhh my heartttttt

I suppose you are the Lady Bashere or some such?” he said. “How did you ever come to like a common blacksmith?”
“The word is ‘love,’ Perrin Aybara.” The firmness of her voice was at sharp odds with the gentle way that the cloth moved on his face . “And you are not such a common blacksmith, I think.” The cloth paused. “Perrin, what did that fellow mean about running with wolves? Raen mentioned this Elyas, too.”
For a moment he was frozen, unbreathing. Yet he had just berated her for keeping secrets from him. It was what he got for being hasty and angry. Swing a hammer in haste, and you usually hit your own thumb. He exhaled slowly, and told her. How he had met Elyas Machera and learned he could talk to wolves. How his eyes had changed color, grown sharper, and his hearing and his sense of smell, like a wolf’s. About the wolf dream. About what would happen to him, if he ever lost his hold on humanity. “It’s so easy. Sometimes, especially in the dream, I forget I’m a man, not a wolf. If one of these times I don’t remember quickly enough, if I lose hold, I’ll be a wolf . In my head, at least. A sort of half-wrong image of a wolf. There won’t be anything of me left.” He stopped, waiting for her to flinch, to move away.
“If your ears are really that sharp,” she said calmly, “I will have to watch what I say close to you.

Robert Jordan -The Shadow Rising

Ok, after the neverending plotline I forget how much I love Faile in this book.

zandslikeswriting asked: Okay so I actually did it right away so I didn't forget to do it and holy cow it works well. Wow. Thank you. :) Also I like that you have that TKAM quote on your tumblr page or whatever it's called. that's a good book. :)

It is one of my favorites! I also teach it every year :)


One IMPORTANT Anime Iowa picture: MAT FLAMING CAUTHON. Wheel of Time cosplayers fuel my spirit.
Dovie’andi se tovya sagain!


One IMPORTANT Anime Iowa picture: MAT FLAMING CAUTHON. Wheel of Time cosplayers fuel my spirit.

Dovie’andi se tovya sagain!